Toe nail fungus infection is an infection that affects the health of your foot. Your nails may lose their natural color, normal shape and growth pattern is also affected, foul smell and pain may also occur. However, nail fungus can be treated to restore good foot health. There are, however, several treatment options that can cure toenail fungus. However, these treatments depend on the severity of the infection. Therefore, consider your treatment option based on the level of infection. 

Some people will even consider home remedies that have fewer chemicals. Such remedies utilize essential oils. There are also anti-fungal creams that are applied directly on the fungus. Again, there are prescription anti-fungal pills that are taken orally. These pills are usually prescribed to individuals with severe nail fungus. 

On the other hand, laser treatments can also be used to treat toenail fungus. For several decades now, lasers have been used for various medical conditions. In the last few years, it has been used to treat toenail fungus. This treatment uses laser heats to destroy the fungus but does not hurt surrounding healthy tissue. Again, the treatment is less invasive and does not have worrying side effects. The toenail fungus is killed within minutes. 

The laser treatments attack the fungus in two main ways. First, the fungus cellular metabolism is altered. Then, the cell components are destroyed. Then using a photochemical effect, the fungal cell enzymes membranes, and proteins are damaged. Once the treatment is done and the fungus destroyed, you will need some patience before results are noticeable. 

It will take some time before the damaged toenail grows out and get replaced by a healthy toenail. It might take three months to one year although that will depend on the extent of the infection. There are, however, other treatments as well. 

Antifungal creams. 

For mild infections, this treatment is usually more ideal. Also, moderate infections can be treated using antifungal creams. These cream usually break down the cell wall which causes the fungus to die. The antifungal creams should be applied to the fungus directly below the nail. 

Home remedies. 

There are people who prefer a low-cost treatment for their toenail infections. Home remedies are usually low cost and low chemical as well. They mainly involve using essential oils and the duration for the treatment is about 2 month to completely cure the infection. However, patients with more severe toenail infections may opt for an antifungal pill. However, there are side effects associated with such oral medications. To know more about toe nail fungus click the following link: